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Travelling is often fun.... But it is the little discomforts and funny incidents that make the experience memorable. The travel guides and pamphlets give the picture, but our experience is only ours. This blog by Shefali Menezes, Sullivan Noronha, Martin Joseph and Babli Yadav goes out to all the people who believe in this experience..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Beach! then let’s go find one

 “You know what Pune does not have, Beaches. If there were beaches around then it would be the perfect city” announced my friend Sanju when a few of us were talking while the world was asleep. We decided to satisfy our beach cravings by going to a beach called Diveagar around 160 kms away from Pune. Eight of us on four bikes two CBZs, one Pulsar and a Splendor plus set out searching for the beach at two in the morning. I was the unlucky one who rode the Splendor for the whole trip and was trailing behind for most part of the journey. We were riding in the biting cold and as we got out of Pune at around 3:30 am only the headlights of the bike was flashing ahead of us in total darkness as we rode ahead. 

We made occasional stops at unknown places in the mountains in order to take in the scenery. The magnificent waterfalls and the misty mountains was a beautiful sight. After more riding we stopped at the only shop in sight which served hot poha and black tea. We rode through the twists and turns of the ghats and climbed down from the mountains. 

No one can beat nature’s call as a deterrent to travel. We wanted to pee very badly, so we followed the ways of our ancestors and attended the call in the woods. Now we were back and we screamed, “Gimme some more biking!!”
The next halt was when the Splendor had a front tyre puncture. Holes anywhere in non-living things are bad (except a sieve). Lucky for us, we were in a town where we could get the tyre fixed without much difficulty.
The bikes were refueled and we set off for the last part of the journey. We reached the beach at around 11 in the morning and after riding for hours together we parked our bikes on the beach and just ran into the waves of the beautiful Diveagar beach. 
-Martin Joseph

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