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Travelling is often fun.... But it is the little discomforts and funny incidents that make the experience memorable. The travel guides and pamphlets give the picture, but our experience is only ours. This blog by Shefali Menezes, Sullivan Noronha, Martin Joseph and Babli Yadav goes out to all the people who believe in this experience..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

127 hours= One and half hour of intense adventure

 I wish I could say I finally watched 127 hours after 127 hours of its release here in Mumbai. But what the heck ...I got late there too. But the point is that I did manage to catch it after
144 hours of its release and Goshhh...What an experience. One hour 33 minutes, one guy and lonely peaks is all that the film might have to offer but I am sure the point cannot be
missed. Especially by people like me who love to pack their bags and get out there on a roll, indecisively & impatiently :P
Well...127 hours is the story of a real life super hero (I agree with you Aron :D) and his adventurous escape from the Blue John Canyon of Utah. In the 127 hours that he spends at the canyon with one of his arm stuck, his entire life comes in front of his eyes. The good times, the bad times, how he realizes his mistakes and how badly he wants to undo them. If only life could give him another chance. And it does...yippee. It’s the story of a survivor and what better way to remember him than learning from his mistakes.
So, in no particular hierarchy or order, these are the things that idiots like you and me got to do or atleast try to :P
·         While its good to be enthusiastic...its foolish to be over enthu.
·         Life is an adventure (agreed)...so is dying :P. You don’t wanna be on the other side of the road. Make sure you know what you are doing. There’s nothing called the first & d last chance to do something in life. So chill!
·         Always inform your parents or your close friends about your escapades (my fav J)
·         Be well prepared. Foresee. Think of the pros & cons - all that you want and don’t want. It helps. Give your travel plan a good thought.
·         Keep your spirits high and when time ticks trouble – don’t lose it. There’s nothing called giving upJ

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